Pain Management
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Tony Mowbray

Peter Wall is master at relieving back pain!! DO NOT HESITATE to see Peter if you have a back pain problem...over the years there have been occasions where i have almost had to crawl into his rooms only to walk out 30 mins later almost floating on air as if i have never had a bad back....he really knows what he is doing, is personable & caring....I rate Peter 10/10!!!! Make a booking...you will not be disappointed

I have been going to peter for many years now. I have gone to Peter in agony, with excruciating back pain, not being able to bend or sit, almost in tears and left every time feeling so much better. I originally went to Peter after going to a physio for 5 month's and still in pain. After only 3 sessions with Peter I was pain free and my back was back to normal. I cant thank Peter enough. He truly is the best at what he does.
            from  Whitecoat.com.au
 I have been seeing Peter Wall for a number of years.I am elderly and Peter's treatments have helped me to become more mobile and able to enjoy life without pain.Thank You,Peter.

Very professional as well as effective, I have already recommended him to a lot of people.

Wonderful person & practitioner
He is amazing at treatment and the only one to fix my hip after years of pain!
Testimonial from "Lisa"
Proof that my previous position was detrimental to my health today. My fabulous Bowen Therapist, Peter Wall, said to me that I am so much better (as far as my needs for Bowen today) and that, get this, I am full of "Strong Energy". See, it's not just that I FEEL better - I AM better! If you need a good alternative therapy to traditional chiro etc, go see Peter (and if your job is harming your health, find something else!!)

Peter Wall   AMBAA    Offers quick pain relief for :-
* Sciatica
* Hamstring injury
* Back pain
* Elbow/wrist injury
* Knee and Ankle injury
* Neck and Shoulder pain
* Headaches and Jaw problems
* Musculoskeletal problems
  Relief is usually very fast and long lasting.The clinic is open 7am to 7pm Week days and Weekends on demand.
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125 Tudor St Hamilton  NSW  2303

Tel       mobile  0414 561 617        
Thanks from Shirley

Newcastle Pain Clinic is owned by Peter Wall AMBAA  who treats many people for  back and sciatic pain. 

General chronic pain such as knee and shoulder have a very high rate of success and usually require only a few treatments. The Clinic is very popular with sportsmen as well as the elderly.

Of all the treatments Peter has experienced he has found Bowen Therapy to be extremely therapeutic and it stands out alone as a quick and long lasting method for relief of headaches and most musculoskeletal pain.

The moves (procedures) are non invasive and results are astonishing and long lasting. To balance the body with Bowen Therapy before a significant sporting event would normally give the athlete quite an advantage.